Throughout our history, Plexus has been committed to being innovative, results-driven and dedicated to delivering expert independent insurance and financial advice coupled with superior service. The Plexus management team, along with our many associates, is united by the strengths that differentiate us within our industry. We pride ourselves on product knowledge, reliable service, and the trust we develop with our clients.


Plexus Financial Services, LLC emerged out of Plexus’s guiding principle to create and deliver the best possible value to our clients. We provide independent and objective advice on corporate retirement plan strategies. We collaborate with employers to ensure that those strategic objectives are met, while helping participants pursue their individual goals through their defined contribution, defined benefit and non-qualified plans.


As a 3(21) investment co-fiduciary with our clients, Plexus Financial Services facilitates the process of constructing the most suitable plan design for our clients. We provide guidance in selecting and maintaining prudent provider platforms for their plan, objectively consult on financial reviews of the plan’s performance and provide interactive employee education that encourages individual retirement planning participation.




"plex-us:/ plək’səs/ n., Latin; an interwoven network of trust"




In 2007 Plexus moved its corporate headquarters to Deer Park, IL


Plexus Groupe, our parent company, is a commercial insurance and benefits broker.


PFS Philosophy Statement


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