Plexus Financial Services will guide you in drafting an Investment Policy Statement for your plan. This will provide structure and documentation for your plan’s comprehensive process to analyze, monitor, track and replace investments as deemed prudent. A selection process that is based on quantitative and comprehensive qualitative criteria becomes the critical success factor in meeting your fiduciary responsibilities and adhering to 404(c)3 regulations.


As an Investment Advisor, Plexus Financial Services partners with you in pursuit of continuous improvement of the plan’s investment menu.  Our due diligence reviews involve complete independence and objectivity when it comes to our research and advice.  Reviews and selection criteria on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis align seamlessly with the Investment Policies drafted.


Our oversight includes the initial, as well as the ongoing identification of suitable financial asset categories for consideration in the ultimate portfolio for you and your participant population.


Plexus Financial Services' participation in your Investment Committee meetings is designed to help you enhance plan performance, reduce expenses and mitigate your fiduciary risk by assisting you with the documentation of your fiduciary compliance. These ongoing efforts will lead to effective knowledge transfer and plan sponsor continuity as transitions occur within your team.








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