Plexus Financial Services conducts annual fee and service reviews of your plan provider. An ongoing plan will typically incur recordkeeping charges, administrative expenses, trustee fees, investment management fees and costs associated with legislative compliance.


Our benchmarking methodologies help you, as a Plan Fiduciary, fulfill your ongoing obligation to prudently select and monitor service providers and investment options. We support fiduciaries and their committees with an understanding of their current plan costs so they are appropriately positioned to fulfill those duties.


While cost analysis will prove to be critical to the overall success of the plan, gravitation toward the lowest cost provider, in and of itself, should not be a fiduciary’s first and only inquiry. Our provider search originates with an in-depth understanding of the goals and objectives of the plan, identifying where and how the plan fits within a myriad of strategies, from retirement planning success and total rewards to attracting and retaining top talent and maintaining your status as an employer of choice. Our RFP process involves a search for solutions that align seamlessly with those stated goals and objectives that further the purpose of the plan.


Our guiding operating principle to create and deliver value doesn’t stop there. From participant notifications and black-out periods to enrollment paperwork and educational meetings, Plexus Financial Services will enable a smooth transition and conversion that will be transparent to your participants.





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